Serving South Dakota with Centers in Sioux Falls & Aberdeen      

The Behavior Care Specialists Learning Center opened in August of 2011 and is now in it's new location at 405 South Washington Street in Aberdeen, SD.  BCS, Inc. operates as a South Dakota Department of Education approved private school with a specialization in children with autism and/or severe behavior disorders.   


Aberdeen Learning Center

We are happy and excited to offer our services to Northeastern South Dakota schools and families that are impacted with a child with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or behavioral needs.  Our outstanding behavioral services and researched interventions are a unique alternative to standard educational services.


Every child’s education is tailor-made at BCS Learning Center.  Our child-specific curriculum aims to bridge the developmental gap between their current skills level and typical development. Our program is designed to target problem behaviors in a safe environment.  Our 1:1 staff-to-student ratio allows us to target specific behaviors without interrupting other students’ learning environment.  The curriculum for BCS Learning Center is designed to target all ages, from Early Childhood through grade 12.  Behavior Care Specialists Learning Center develops a treatment plan that is individualized to your child’s needs and includes behavioral, academic, personal, social and health education, and community interaction, as well as self-help and independence training.  We ensure that each of our students will have a highly detailed plan that addresses their monthly targets, which will be implemented throughout the school day using applied behavior analysis methods such as discrete trials, positive reinforcement and errorless teaching.

We are committed to making sure all the skills taught in the school are meaningful and functional to the students.  We want to ensure that we are providing instruction in skills that will be long-lasting, and establishing core skills so that our students can work, live, and interact in the community as independently as possible and with a high quality of life.

Please call us at 605-262-2162 or email us at to learn more about the Behavior Care Specialists Learning Center and how we can help with your child’s education and growth.

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