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The successful implementation of intensive ABA treatment has been proven to produce great outcomes.  In studies worldwide, and in our own daily experience at Behavior Care Specialists, we are inspired to see our goals being achieved...Changing behaviors and changing lives!


BCS Success Stories

Studies verify that a growing number of children diagnosed with autism and related developmental disorders have been able to achieve normal educational and intellectual functioning by 7 years of age. And, although some children will not reach the level of typically-developing peers, their quality of life is greatly improved!

Nolan now enjoys going to school as a student at the Aberdeen Learning Center.

Here's what an Aberdeen area family has to say about their child's success at the Behavior Care Specialists:

"Our son Nolan was overwhelmed in his classroom at school when we first met Alison.  She was observing another student and just happened to witness him having a meltdown.  Alison could see how frustrated and unhappy Nolan was with his learning environment.  Meanwhile, we had been praying for a miracle as Nolan struggled every day.  His teachers and the school district were grasping at straws as they desperately tried to help our son.  And that is where our story began with Alison Hulshof and the staff at Behavior Care School.
Alison took our son into her school.  She structured his learning environment with specifically designed ABA therapy just for Nolan.  His programming was based on skills that he was lacking in many areas including language, social skills, life skills, and academic skills.  Alison and all of the staff at BCS are so dedicated to ensuring that Nolan, and all of the children they serve, are treated with kindness, compassion, and as a child who is capable of learning.

The difference in Nolan has been amazing.  He is so much more compliant and is extremely happy to go to BCS.  We have told Alison that she is the answer to a prayer.  She is our miracle worker.  We are forever grateful to Alison Hulshof and her awesome staff at BCS.  Thank you BCS staff!"

  Kaden and his family are proud of the success they've achieved. 

Here's what a Sioux Falls area mom has to say about her child's success at Behavior Care Specialists:

"My 5 year old son, Kaden was diagnosed with autism at age 3. The school district wanted to do as little as possible, had no trained professionals and very limited resources available. I was determined that my son was going to get the best resources available and thank goodness I was introduced to Alison Hulshof with Behavior Care Specialists.

In just a year and a half of full time therapy, Alison helped my son become so high functioning that he is almost off the spectrum!  I would highly recommend Behavior Care Specialists to work with any child with behavior needs and cannot thank them enough for helping my son."

When a child can become part of a regular classroom and advance through the school system without additional assistance it's cause for families to REJOICE. At BCS that's our number one goal. For more information about treatment for a child you love, please call us at 605-271-2690.

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